Puisi # Zero Racism by João Martins

Puisi # Zero Racism by João Martins
Dr Joao S Martins, PhD

# Zero Racism – Let us Zeroing Racism by João Martins,  this Poem is dedicated to President Donald trump, the American people and the World. A Tribute to George Floyd [A victim of Racism in US]

# Zero Racism by João Martins

I am proud to be black

You are proud to be white

He/she is proud to be brown

They are proud to be ½ black, ½ white, ½ brown

If black isn’t good, it isn’t me, it is God who created me

If white isn’t good, it isn’t you, it is God who created you

If brown isn’t good, it isn’t him/her, it is God who created him/her

If ½ black, ½ white and ½ brown aren’t good, it isn’t them, it is God who created them

Blacks, whites, browns and their ½ are One

We are one

We are what is called humanity

We all are the proudest God’s creatures

God created blacks, whites, brown and their ½ to make the World beautiful

Beautiful men, Beautiful World, Beautiful God

Having Blacks, Whites, Browns and their ½ is just like entering beautiful garden seeing beautiful flowers

No blacks the world is incomplete, no whites the world is incomplete

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